Cheers To 77 Years!


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Apr 1

Greta Anderson's Memorial

Greta Anderson's Memorial April 6,m 2024

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Feb 5

105 Cent Frozen Custard Day is Feb 9!

In memory of our co-founder Greta Anderson's birthday, we are hosting 105 cent frozen custard day!

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Aug 24

Gift Card Fundraiser For Camp Good Days & Special Times !

During the month of September, we will Donate 20% of EVERY ONLINE GIFT CARD PURCHASE to the Kids and...

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Jul 31

Cheers To 77 Years!

We are so grateful and honored to be Celebrating our 77th year in business! Who would have thought..

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Jun 9

Gift Card Sale Thru June 18, 2023

Whether you are celebrating Grads or Dads why not take advantage of our 20% off Gift Cards sale now ...

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Cheers To 77 Years!

We are so grateful and honored to be Celebrating our 77th year in business!

Who would have thought that our business which began with a small custard stand built back in 1946 in the Bronx, NY would come to celebrate 77 years! Scoopfuls of thanks to our teammates and guests over the years.

We were founded in NYC on White Plain Blvd when MR & Mrs Carl & Greta Anderson decided to open a small shop to serve frozen custard. While Mr Anderson did have a law degree his heart was in serving with his wife to the community in the Bronx. Both of the Anderson's were from Buffalo and after spending time on their NYC business, decided they were homesick. They brought what they learned to a small shop on Kenmore Avenue near Starin. If you know the story, you would know that they liked built this location close to the road and modeled if after the NYC building....thinking that everyone would be walking as they did in NYC. They soon found out that folks in Buffalo liked to show off their cars and would prefer parking. This is the reason that store number 3 on Sheridan Drive was built in the middle of the plot of land!

Carl and Greta Anderson worked on and in the business til the mid 1980's. Their principles of hard work, dedication to quality and a spirit to help those in their community was and still is our company's passion.

Currently Holly Anderson (daughter of founders) along with the Executive & Leadership teams carry on the traditions begun in 1946.

Thousands of employees have come through the doors and we hope they have learned the importance of smiling and serving with passion and perseverance. We enjoy our visits with alumni who stop by and show us their cone making skills!! (It sure is a learned technique..but once you get it .... you will always have it!) Many of those young teens have then chosen to stay and train to become our shift leaders, managers and senior managers. We are very proud of our 6 store teams and our foodtruck team! As the saying goes.... #ourteamstrock!

Many guests have also thankfully come to our counters for a taste of all natural roast beef, signature frozen custard and handmade ice cream. We enjoy hearing the guests laughing with their families and friends as they visit while enjoying their favorite treats. We are proud to be your place to celebrate the wins and cheer you up during the losses. We enjoy serving you at our counters and throughout the community at your events and fundraisers.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and create smiles with you.....Cheers to 77 years!

Enjoy some of our Anniversary Specials:

  • August 1-8, 2023 Online ONLY...Purchase a 25.00 Gift Card (includes E cards too!) for just 19.46
  • August 1-8, 2023 Online ONLY... 4 Pints of our Classics (Vanilla, Chocolate and Twist Custards, plus Lemon Ice) Packs for just 19.46!
  • August 9, 2023 In Store Only... 1.77 for a Small Frozen Custard Cone.
  • Don't Forget to check our FB pages for Fun too!
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